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Socially Safe - When Doing It Right Matters!
Socially Safe is the first and only best practices seal for the Internet, backed by the leading experts in cybersafety and compliance. The Socially Safe Seal certifies its holders as among those who know and care enough to do it right, inside out.

The Socially Safe Seal covers cybersafety and best practices. It is available to websites, social networks, online services, games and mobile technologies. A new Socially Safe Kids Seal is designed exclusively for participants catering to the tween and preteen audience. (Learn more about the program...)
The Socially Safe Kids Sealsocial-01.jpg

Socially Safe Seal participants are part of a very elite community. They lead the industry in safety, privacy and security. It's not just what you can see, it's everything behind the scenes that helps make you safer. How do you know that? The Socially Safe Seal tells it all.

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